Women In Science and Engineering


Membership Tiers:

1. Standard membership: can attend anything hosted by WISE.

2. Volunteer: Can volunteer with WISE related opportunities each semester and earn CCR credit with the university. Please note, 20 hours per year is required to earn credit.

3. Executive: Can serve on WISE’ Executive Council and contribute to the operations of the organization. Applications for these positions are done at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Becoming a Member:

The easiest way to become a WISE member is to drop by our office in Science A 120 during one of our executive’s office hours. Available hours are posted on this website and on the office door. To be sure someone will be there you can always email us to arrange a time at wise.ucalgary@gmail.com.

A membership costs $5.00 and the card is valid for the entire academic year. You will need to present this card at WISE events to attend. If you lose it just drop by and let us know, we will be able to replace it.

Membership Questions:

If you have any general questions about being a member please feel free to contact us. For specific questions about the Volunteer membership, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Brielle Lilywhite at Brielle.lilywhite@ucalgary.ca.