Women In Science and Engineering


Welcome Back!

The Winter 2019 semester has begun and we have lots of great new events planned for this semester! WISE is still continuing with our new outreach program where our goal is to inspire young women throughout the city to pursue careers in the STEM fields. We also have our classic events that we hope to see all of our members participating in, including our networking night and research night and much more! Please drop by our office or our table at club's week to become a member to reap all the benefits that the club has to offer! Our office hours can be found under the Contacts tab and our events, as well as community events and opportunities, can be found under the Events tab. Check out the website and our social media pages regularly to keep up with all the the exciting things that are going on in WISE!

Welcome to WISE

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a University of Calgary student organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women who are interested or engaged in science or engineering careers. WISE works towards fostering an academic environment where both female and male students can promote the participation of women in science and engineering.

Established in 1990, WISE provides a support system for students through course reviews, educational tutorials, guest speakers, field trips, connection groups,student mixer events, speaker series, research symposiums, graduate school information nights, a scholarship and much, much more.

WISE also has its own scholarship to give to a deserving student. How much is given depends on the availability of funds. To support our club, you can give using the donate button!


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