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Call of the Wetland Program

The Miistakis Institute is excited to announce that April 15th marks the start of the third season of Call of the Wetland, a program we thought may be of interest to your members. Call of the Wetland is a citizen science program in which volunteers survey wetlands city-wide for amphibian calls and sightings using a mobile app. As amphibians are important indicator of wetland health, and little is known about their occurrence in Calgary, the data gathered will help us to better understand the health of Calgary’s wetlands, and to build a community of knowledgeable citizens to champion wetland protection and restoration.

No previous experience is necessary, all information needed to participate can be found on the website; however, non-mandatory training sessions will be planned for late April through July. To participate, volunteers can download the Call of the Wetland app on Apple or Google Play, and either sign up for a planned survey at a specific wetland, or submit incidental observations. Learn more at: www.callofthewetland.ca.

This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience in an urban conservation project that is well-known in Calgary - project partners include the City of Calgary, Alberta Conservation Association and the Calgary Zoo.

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