Madison Marriott.jpg

Madison Marriott


Wylie Pietsch.jpg

Wylie Pietsch



Fiona Dong.jpeg

Fiona Dong

VP Communications

Josephine Hon.jpg

Josephine Hon

Website and Graphics Coordinator

Alisha Kassam.jpg

Alisha Kassam

Newsletter Coordinator

Jenny Ying.jpg

Jenny Ying

Social Media Coordinator


Helena Cherniak-Kennedy.jpg

Helena Cherniak-Kennedy

VP External

Celia Zhang.jpg

Celia Zhang

Professional Development Workshop Coordinator

Kali Sayers.jpg

Kali Sayers

Mentorship Coordinator

Brielle Lilywhite.jpg

Brielle Lilywhite

Volunteer Coordinator

Hope Roberts.jpg

Hope Roberts

Outreach Coordinator

Helen Zhang.jpg

Helen Zhang

Jr. Outreach Coordinator


Heeju Jin.jpg

Heeju Jin

VP Internal

Bethany Chan.jpg

Bethany Chan

Science Representative

Sarah Chen.jpg

Sarah Chen

Engineering Representative

Julia Fox.jpg

Julia Fox

Jr. Science Representative

Amy White.jpg

Amy White

Jr. Engineering Representative

Akanksha Bhargava.jpg

Akanksha Bhargava

Jr. Engineering Representative

Baylee Cheung.jpg

Baylee Cheung

Jr. Engineering Representative


Marco Chan.jpg

Marco Chan

VP Finance

Alfred Lau.jpg

Alfred Lau

Sponsorship Coordinator

Stacy Kan.jpg

Stacy Kan

Jr. Finance Representative


Gauri Bharadwaj.jpeg

Gauri Bharadwaj

VP Events

Stella Heo.jpg

Stella Heo

Events Coordinator

Aamna Amer.jpg

Aamna Amer

Events Coordinator

Lydia Cho.jpg

Lydia Cho

Events Coordinator

Natalia Colwell.jpg

Natalia Colwell

Jr. Events Coordinator

Vienna Graham.jpg

Vienna Graham

Jr. Events Coordinator

Ariel Kim.jpg

Ariel Kim

Jr. Events Coordinator


Lauren Dzikowski.jpg

Lauren Dzikowski


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