Women In Science and Engineering



Maddie Fayle

Hello! My name is Madeleine Fayle and I am honored to be one of the Presidents for this 2017/2018 year. I love being a part of WISE. This is my third year as an executive and WISE has grown so much! We have so much to offer. I watched the start of our mentorship program and founded our professional development workshops. I have run and attended several of our amazing tutorial sessions throughout my years and would highly recommend them. We also throw big events throughout the year so watch out for those. 
As President a lot of my work is behind the scenes but I'm always happy to lend a helping hand. As a third year Civil Engineering student you will often find me holed up in the office with a cup of tea and whatever assignment I am supposed to be working on. Stop by and say hi or, if you're the online communicator type, you are welcome to send me an email directly at

Rayven Moore

Hi I am Rayven Moore! I am currently in my third year of Civil Engineering with an interest in Urban Planning. I have been part of WISE’s Executive Team for three years as the Engineering Representative, Vice President External and this year I am really excited to be one of the club’s Presidents along with Maddie. I am focused on expanding WISE’s impact on campus through events, mentorship, professional development workshops, volunteer opportunities and academic tutorials. I am also continuing to work with SAIT developing their own WISE. In addition to the initiatives at U of C and SAIT, I will be organising WISE’s participation for a second year at the Earth Science for Society Exhibits, creating an interactive display for children to increase science literacy. Aside from WISE, I am involved with CEUS and enjoy volunteering with programs like Cybermentor, Go ENG Girl, Explore IT and Women of ARIS. WISE has an amazing Executive Team this year and I am looking forward to working with them and supporting them in our new initiatives. Feel free to contact me at rayven.moore@ucalgary.ca if you have any questions about WISE or want to get involved.

Communications Team

Taylor Wong

Welcome! My name is Taylor Wong and I am in my second year of engineering, majoring in electrical engineering. I am the VP Communications for the Women in Science and Engineering club (WISE). I facilitate the communications between members and teams within WISE to help members of our team work together. This will be my second year with WISE and I look forward to the successes to come with the hard work of our executive team this year. You can feel free to contact me at taylor.wong1@ucalgary.ca.

Gabriela Urego

My name is Gabriela Urrego, I am a third-year Chemical Engineering student with the Energy and Environment Specialization. This is my second year as an executive member on the WISE team. My role is under VP Communications as Social Media Coordinator. My responsibilities are to manage our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to develop a stronger interaction with students and keep them updated on our events. Each outlet will serve as another form of communication between WISE and the student body. In addition, I help promote the events that WISE plans for students to help develop the skills necessary to become successful professionals in society. Our job as a team is to promote and encourage women to pursue and continue careers in science and engineering. Feel free to email me at: gabriela.urrego@ucalgary.ca.

Lauren Dzikowski

Hi! I'm Lauren and I am the Digital Team Lead for the University of Calgary WISE Club where I manage the club's webpage. I am a 4th year student pursuing a combined Bachelor of Science degree in both Honours CMMB, with a focus in Cell Biology, and Psychology. In addition to WISE I am the VP of Communications for the University of Calgary's Chemistry Club and I am also a research assistant in a clinical study for gambling addictions. I am passionate and driven and am always striving to better myself in order to become a skilled and well rounded individual with the ability to take what I've learned and use it to help others. I am very excited to be an executive member WISE this year and am hoping to see many others join to help support our cause! If you need to reach me my email is lauren.dzikowski@ucalgary.ca.

Sihan Ye

Hey everyone, my name is Sihan Ye. Currently I am in my third year of chemical engineering with a minor in petroleum engineering. My role in Women in Science and Engineering for this year is Newsletter Coordinator, so I will be involved with all of you through our monthly WISE newsletters. I look forward to letting you guys know all about WISE through our newsletters this year! If you guys have any questions for me, feel free to send me an email at sihan.ye@ucalgary.ca.

External Team

Amanda Brown

I am Amanda Brown, and I am currently in my second year at University of Calgary studying Engineering. After completing the First Year Common Core, I have chosen to major in Mechanical Engineering. I joined the WISE Executive Team last year as First Year Representative. This year, I am excited to hold the role of VP External. I coordinate with the commissioners for core WISE factions such as Mentorship, Professional Development, sponsorship and volunteering to ensure smooth and effective implementation of these programs. I also connect the team with new opportunities for growth and network expansion outside the club. We are always looking for fresh, enriching, and innovative events and initiatives for our members! I can be contacted via email at amanda.brown2@ucalgary.ca, or in the WISE office (SA 122) during my office hours.

Fiona Dong

Hi my name is Fiona and I am currently in my second year of Biological Sciences. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for WISE this year. My responsibilities include notifying our volunteer members of events they can help out at, logging hours, and organizing volunteer opportunities. If you have any inquiries about our volunteering programs, suggestions on how to improve it, or anything relating to volunteering you can contact me at fiona.dong1@ucalgary.ca or drop by during my office hours.

Helena Cherniak-Kennedy

Hello, my name is Helena Cherniak-Kennedy and I am a first-year student majoring in Finance with a minor in Applied Math. I am very excited to join the WISE executive team this year as Professional Development Coordinator. I am looking forward to working with the WISE external team to develop events to support students in STEM fields. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ariahelena.cherniakk@ucalgary.ca.

Stephanie Isilebo

My name is Stephanie Isilebo, I am in my third year of Engineering majoring in Civil Engineering, and I currently hold the position of Mentorship Coordinator in WISE. My role is to match undergraduate students with either industry professionals or upper year students within a mentorship program run by the club. In addition to that, I will also be organizing mentor and mentee meet up events and mentorship training sessions. You can contact me through my email at adanna.isilebo@ucalgary.ca.

Internal Team

Wendy Yang

Hi, my name is Wendy Yang and I am in my second year of electrical engineering at the University of Calgary. As VP Internal for WISE, I coordinate exam review sessions for first and second year engineering courses. If there is a class that you would like a review session for, feel free to contact me at wenjia.yang@ucalgary.ca

Michelle Leong

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a third-year Bachelor of Health Sciences student majoring in Biomedical Science and I am the Science Representative for the WISE club! I help organize tutorials for first and second year science courses. I am passionate about research and have experience in both clinical and basic science research working as a summer student. In my spare time, you can find me volunteering at animal shelters, hiking, and doing hot yoga. If you have any questions or if there is a class you would like WISE to organize a tutorial for, feel free to contact me at michelle.leong2@ucalgary.ca.

Sam Chaudhuri

Hi! I am Sam Chaudhuri, and I am a third-year mechanical engineering student with a minor in entrepreneurship and enterprise. This is my first year as a WISE exec, and I am very excited to hold the position of Engineering Representative. It is my job to set up tutorials for first and second-year tutorials for engineering classes. In addition to WISE, I am also involved with the University of Calgary Solar Car Team. When I am not focused on school or extracurriculars, I like to be outside as much as possible. I am also a fan of kickboxing, knitting, and baking. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at somshreya.chaudhuri@ucalgary.ca or stop by the WISE office.

Bethany Chan

Hi, my name is Bethany Chan and I am in my first year of Biological Sciences. This is my first year with the WISE club as a Jr. Science Representative.  As a junior, I will be helping Michelle organize the first and second year tutorials that WISE provides.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at bethany.chan1@ucalgary.ca.

Heeju Jin

Hello, my name is Heeju Jin and I'm in my first year of Engineering. I am extremely honored and please to be part of WISE club and I currently hold Jr. Engineering Representative position. As a Jr.Engineering Representative, I'll be helping out VP Internal and Engineering Representative to organize exam review tutorial sessions for the first year and second year engineering courses. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me anytime through heejujin14@gmail.com. Thanks.

Madison Marriott

Hey! My name is Madison Marriott and I am a first year engineering student. I am also a Jr. Engineering Representative this year at WISE! In will be representing the interests of engineering students and helping run the tutorials that WISE. offers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at madison.marriott1@ucalgary.ca.

Finance Team

Claire Liou

Hi, I’m Claire, a third-year student in Electrical Engineering. This is my first year truly being involved with WISE, and I’ve taken on the role of VP Finance. Through this position I hope to help build a transparent budget, and work with the team to help hold events and further improve the club. I can be contacted by email at claire.liou@ucalgary.ca. I look forward to meeting you all!

Masooma Tahir

Hi there! I am Masooma Tahir and I am a third-year mechanical engineering student currently serving as a Director of Sponsorship for WISE. I work with the VP External and help in maintaining the sponsorships and managing external affairs. In my spare time, I enjoy working on my art projects, watching TV, volunteering and traveling. If you want to learn more about WISE or my role, feel free to email me at masoomat008@gmail.com.

Paul Chen

Hello, my name is Paul Chen and I am a third year Software Engineering student. I currently hold the position of Jr. Finance. My job entails coordinating with the finance team to manage the logistics of the WISE budget. Additionally, I actively seek new sponsorship opportunities to grow our outreach. I can be contacted at paul.chen@ucalgary.ca.

Events Team

Tanya Hegmann

My name is Tanya Hegmann and am currently in Third Year Geomatics Engineering. In WISE I hold the position of VP Events. In this position I am in charge of making sure WISE's hosted events run smoothly, on time, and that our members have a fun experience! In my spare time, I like to read, write, play video games and go hiking! If you have an inquiry, suggestion or feedback regarding a WISE Event, I can be contacted via email at tanyamhegmann@gmail.com. Hope to see everyone at some WISE events this year!

Janine Buzar

I’m Janine Buzar and I am currently in my third year of Civil Engineering studies. I am one of the Event Coordinators for WISE, and together with the Events team, we organize events which focus on supporting the students in Science and Engineering throughout the school year. Personally, I joined the Events Team to help students get through stressful semesters by aiming to integrate fun and informative activities to our future events. So, if you have questions regarding any of the events that we will be hosting this year, feel free to contact me at janine.buzar@ucalgary.ca.

Lucy Huang

My name is Lucy Huang, and I am a third year Chemical Engineering student. This will be my third year as an executive with WISE and I am excited to be a part of the events team once again, serving as one of the Events Coordinators. Through the organization of our WISE events, I hope to ensure they positively contribute to your experiences at the University of Calgary. Please feel free to contact me at lucy.huang@ucalgary.ca with any questions, and I hope to see you at our events!

Robyn-Lynn Fur

Hi there! My name is Robyn-Lynn Fur and I am an Events Coordinator for WISE and I am currently in my fourth year of Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary! As an Events Coordinator I collaborate with other individuals on the WISE Committee to plan events that strive to educate, inspire, and instill a sense of community among Engineering and Science students. Make sure you continue to stay up-to-date with WISE as we have a great line up of events this year! If you have any questions or suggestions for future events feel free to contact me at rlnfur@ucalgary.ca.

Surbhi Kashyap

My name is Surbhi Kashyap. I am currently studying in the undergraduate program of the Schulich School of Engineering as an Electrical Engineering major. I am going to commence my second year as of Fall 2017. I am a Jr. Event Coordinator in Women In Science and Engineering (WISE). As the Junior Event Coordinator my role is to work with my team members and come up with ideas for the different kinds of events to provide opportunities to support the science and engineering communities. In order to provide the students with several types of events, my aim is to make a well-planned schedule with my team members for the upcoming event and set deadlines for the perfect execution of that event. My email is surbhi.kashyap1@ucalgary.ca.

Wylie Pietsch

Hello! My name is Wylie Pietsch and I am in my first year of engineering. I am one of the Jr. Events Coordinators. While organizing WISE events I hope to enhance our University experience. Aside from WISE I am in the process of starting a club on campus for rural students. In what spare time I have I enjoy binge watching sitcoms, going to movies and running. Please feel free to contact me at wylie.pietsch@ucalgary.ca with any questions or suggestions!

Deema Barahim

Hey there! My name is Deema Barahim and I'm currently in my second year of biosciences. I am a Jr. Events Coordinator which means I help out with all the events WISE hosts throughout the year. This is my first time being part of the WISE program and I'm super excited for it. I can be contacted at deema.barahim@ucalgary.ca if you need anything! 


Carrie Mah

My name is Carrie Mah and I am a consultant for WISE and I love learning. Throughout my degree, I gained technical, research, artistic, and design skills to help improve people's lives through delightful digital solutions. I support technical literacy, women in tech, and everything that WISE represents. I do this by sharing resources on Twitter and Medium, planning events, and teaching workshops. I also volunteer for Chic Geek and Ladies Learning Code, which are very active organizations that encourage diversity in tech. In my free time you can catch me riding a bike or playing games. My email is cmah@ucalgary.ca.

Nick Boshmien

Hi, I'm Nick and I am the WISE consultant for the year! I am currently working in Lloydminster, Alberta as an Integrity and Reliability  but will be returning to school in January, 2018. Aside from engineering, I am a passionate musician - I spent 12 years studying piano and worked as a music teacher at a bunch of cool music studios throughout university. I am free any time after 5:30 on weekdays and can be contacted at ncbosman@ucalgary.ca!