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University of Calgary

WISE fosters a diverse and inclusive environment where students can promote gender equality and equal participation in science and engineering, so that students succeed in Science and Engineering Programs, play an important role in the workplace, and make valuable contributions to society.

Our Vision

WISE strives to provide a support system for science and engineering students through our Academic Achievement and Professional Development Programs, and to inspire others to join the fields of science and engineering through our Community Outreach Program.

Our Mission

Our Values

Wisdom - Pursue academic excellence through realizing one’s full potential and abilities

Integrity - Behave in an honest, transparent, and ethical way towards others

Support - Offer support to each other to create a friendly, positive learning environment

Equality - Treat others equally with fairness and respect

Programs We Offer

The University of Calgary’s WISE is a student organization dedicated to helping women to succeed in fields of Science and Engineering through the following programs:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Professional Development

  • Community Outreach



Science & Engineering Students

The University of Calgary’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) club was established in 1990. With over 1,300 members, we are one of the largest student-run organizations on the campus. We are devoted to promoting diversity and equality in the science and engineering disciplines.


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